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My name is Saz and I am a psychic. I was born with a natural gift of seeing people's fate and soul. I am renowned for my abilities and will deliver accurate readings. I have a 100% satisfaction rate. 

Readings are recorded and sent to you on WhatsApp. Romance readings will also include an oracle pull.  

One question:


Two questions:


Three questions:


Full in depth psychic reading:


Your question can be about anything but the more specific the better. Please avoid yes or no questions. So that I can channel the energy, please send a clear, unfiltered recent photo of yourself or whomever the reading is for.

Examples of common categories but not limited to:

  • Love and romance.

  • Relationship.

  • Career.

  • Finance.

  • Business.

  • Health.

  • Spirituality.

  • Life advice and guidance.

  • A question custom to your situation.

  • Reading between yourself and another. 

  • How someone else e.g. feels or thinks about you.

  • What the outcome of a decision will be.

  • The past of someone.

  • The future of someone.

  • Intention or energy reading.

There are many more of course, and often times your question will be personalised to you and your needs.


  • All readings stay completely confidential on my side.

  • No discrimination policy.

  • Please do not use my readings to claim as yours. 

  • You are welcome to share your reading, but please credit me as the reader. 

  • Abusive language or behaviour will not be tolerated. Violations will lead to necessary actions being taken. 

  • Readings are non-refundable as long as I have provided my service. 

  • I will only complete your reading once I approve your question and payment is confirmed.

  • In the rare situation that I cannot provide your reading, you will be immediately communicated with and reimbursed. 

  • Although I am legitimate and confident in my skills, I must put a disclaimer that all readings are for entertainment purposes only. Please do not use these services to replace mental or physical help. 

  • Please note that when I am highly booked, it can take up to a day to deliver your reading although I aim to get back to you within a few hours and keep you updated.

  • I can also offer written readings for the hard of hearing only, although please allow more time for these to be produced. 

  • I can read between you and another person, just send a photo of yourself and a photo of them.

  • I can read between two other people, just send a photo of each person. 

Have your question ready? Please contact me on WhatsApp 

+44 7856159522.

I take payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer. I also offer my readings on Fiverr. 

Instagram @psychic_saz

TikTok @psychic_saz


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